When Life Becomes an Illusion

architecture bridge brooklyn bridge city
The Brooklyn Bridge
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The enduring nature of our creations is on my mind today. Here in New York City, there are innumerable monuments that silently testify to humanity’s ability to build things that last. There is the unyielding copper sculpture that is the Statue of Liberty. There are the city’s old, iconic, steel and stone bridges that carry millions daily without sway. There is the crown jewel of Manhattan, the majestic Empire State Building, standing tall despite suffering a direct hit from a B25 bomber in 1945. All are of such permanence and wondrous majesty, and all reflect the creativeness and indomitable nature of the human spirit. Inspired, I considered both my mortality and the list of my lasting contributions only to feel the ephemeral nature of my profession hit me like a runaway truck. Continue reading “When Life Becomes an Illusion”

Hate. Again.

blue and white hate has no home here printed signage
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Hate. That horrible word and all it entails are on my mind today. We hear about hate every damn day, and I’m sick of it. The ugly thing is everywhere and it’s seemingly inescapable! Hate has found an incubator like no other on the internet, and that’s in addition to the homes it maintains in print, on television and radio, and through direct communications ranging from public speeches to water cooler conversations.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hate is jealousy, fear, bias, distrust, and much, much more. Hate is the need to diminish or destroy entire groups as a means of expressing dominance or elevating one’s own. It divides humanity into pockets of normality and abnormality, of “us” against “them” where “they” are always wrong and abnormal while “we” exemplify absolute correctness and undeniable normalcy. Accordingly, we live in a fractured world where boundaries are erected due to hate and we are willingly kept apart in what could only be described as mass expressions of sheer idiocy. Continue reading “Hate. Again.”

The Heart of Christmas

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The year was 2013. I thought I was going to die. A lump the size of a golf ball appeared in my throat and worry immediately began to set in. Unfortunately, my doctors didn’t say anything to turn my concern into confidence. Instead, a biopsy revealed three nodules of mysterious origins on my thyroid gland, and all three were filled with blood. There was no recent injury to my neck, no infection, no overt stress or strain placed on it, yet three clear signs that something was very, very wrong appeared on every scan my doctors ordered. Continue reading “The Heart of Christmas”

Sinbad Kitty

black and white pet cats cat
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Sinbad, my cat from long ago, is on my mind today. He was a big, heavy, jet-back Maine coon cat mix, lacking the ear tufts of a full coon cat but sporting a heavy coat all year long. The giant puffball was the most un-catlike feline of all time! He would practically humiliate himself by begging to be held every waking moment. “Sinbad Kitty,” as we often called the massive furball, was addicted to cuddling! Continue reading “Sinbad Kitty”

A Little Fact and a Lot of Fake

1c4cab01-3bda-4703-8e61-33e54d0336c8-a9db16c6-1e19-42bb-ba4e-178278e71e78-v1The issues of fake news and fact-checking are on my mind today. We are plagued by memes with false information, slanted news, and biased opinions on a daily basis. Instead of leveraging our high intelligence, we surrender to our need for affirmation and our desire to group with others under the umbrella of common belief even if the unifying belief is incorrect. Actual statements and events are increasingly presented in ways designed to appease or incense citizens from one end of the political spectrum to the other, yet beneath it all, buried under mountains of partisan manure, is truth. Continue reading “A Little Fact and a Lot of Fake”

Unknown Ray Bradbury?

Photo by Nicolas Lobos on Unsplash

On my mind today is a conversation I recently had that left me perplexed. In speaking with a friend about social matters, I asked the following: “So what are you saying, that we should move off the planet whenever the technology exists to support a mass exodus? A second migration, but this time to the stars?”

My friend shook his head up and down so excitedly, I thought his neck would break. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “Yup, we should get the hell outta here and go to someplace better!” Continue reading “Unknown Ray Bradbury?”

Metric Avoidance

portrait angry closeup black and white
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On my mind today is the metric system. America’s reluctance to accept it is a reminder that its citizens largely consider it the world leader in everything despite increasing evidence that such belief may be antiquated and false. Consider the political mantra “Make America Great Again” and how it reflects the belief that America once stopped being a great nation. Many other countries have matched or surpassed the US in areas such as education, healthcare, life expectancy, and more. Sadly, where Lady Liberty’s torch once glowed as a symbol of all things good and possible in the US, many now see it as a flickering light within a shadowy land of unrealized potential. Continue reading “Metric Avoidance”

Bring it, Godzilla!


Warning: Giant Movie Monster Fanboy Ahead! Proceed only if you appreciate actors in monster suits, the destruction of cardboard cities, and lots of poorly-dubbed dialogue!

With Kong and Godzilla about to square off in cinemas next year, the question of how Kong could be competitive unless he is somehow greatly enhanced beyond his original capabilities is on my mind today. The scenario of an unarmed, ape-like monster versus an unstoppable radioactive nightmare does not scream “Epic, Must-See Action,” and Legendary Pictures is too smart to ignore such a fact. Continue reading “Bring it, Godzilla!”

The Blog is Back!

Hi, all! On My Mind Today, the blog, is back in operation as of today. With the restart is a change in direction away from YouTubers and back to the craziness that rolls around between my ears. Yay, craziness!

So, why the change in direction? Time. My personal life has gained more complexity and I have less time to split among projects. Accordingly, I needed to reorganize how I spend my very limited free time productively, so the best way to maximize my productivity is through writing.

“So, what about the videos?” you might be asking. Well, I shut down one channel due to the changes in my schedule, while the other one remains in an archived state. While I had a great time creating video content, the time it took to select topics, perform research, write scripts, create graphics, assemble clips, and record audio tracks was a bit too much given my heavier schedule.

I thank everyone who subscribed to the video channels, everyone who watched them, everyone who commented on them, everyone who supported the channels through reposts on Facebook and Twitter, and everyone who encouraged me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you all for


Now, let’s talk about next steps. Remember all of the heavy topics this blog veered toward? Remember the sometimes uncomfortable things that were presented?

No more.

Look forward to the addition of lighter topics, happier and more fanciful entries, and less serious writing to lend more eccentricity to this blog. Stay tuned, friends.

All the best,
-Keith V.


Delicious Disasters!

woman eating bruschetta
Photo by Adrienn on Pexels.com

Hi, all! Entertaining YouTube channels are on my mind today, so we’ll maintain our focus on YouTube content creators. This time around, I am happy to present Sam, a brave young Canadian woman. Sam often brings her own brand of intense warmth to chilly Canada as documented in her Delicious Disasters YouTube channel. Please note that for the purposes of this article and as fair warning to her viewers, words such as “warmth” will be synonymous with “Dante’s Inferno.”

Continue reading “Delicious Disasters!”