The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

ideal-inspiration-blogger-awardThe following is a very delayed response to my nomination for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.

I must note that I am way behind in my blogging efforts as I again fell ill and required care in an Emergency Room. Thanks to being in considerably poor health for many days, I was previously unable to give my response to the nomination the kind of thoughtful attention it deserved. Fortunately, my situation is now considerably improved.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer your nominator’s questions.
3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers.
4. Notify your nominees.
5. Ask 5 questions.
6. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

First off, a ginormous THANK YOU to the Invincible Woman on Wheels herself, Emma Dobson. Her blog covers her life, her travels, and her often-maddening experiences with barriers against mobility. In relating her experiences, the UK-based blogger exhibits a personality that is far more centered (and far more forgiving) than anyone I’ve met in the last 20 years over on this side of the Atlantic. Congratulations on achieving 5000+ views, Invincible Woman! And I agree that we would have much to talk about!

(Yes, folks, I wrote “ginormous” in the above paragraph. Hey, one can’t be a starched shirt all the time!)

As part of her nomination, Invincible Woman on Wheels asked 5 questions of me that I needed to answer, so here we go:

  • Where would you be right now if you could be anywhere?
    Answer: The Pacific Northwest. I was born here in New York City, raised here, and I remain a New York City resident. To some, coming to this city—the fabled Gotham, the City that Never Sleeps and the Great White Way within it—is the destination of a lifetime. Me? I just call it home. If I had the chance, I’d trade the noise and tumult of NYC for a few wooded acres in a quiet location with a cooler climate. Washington state, here I come!
  • What is the best concert you’ve ever been to, or if you’ve not been to a concert, which is the concert you’d most like to go to?
    Answer: You know, I am not a music lover. I sat through three concerts, each of which I was practically dragged into by my wife.
  • What would your perfect day consist of if you could do anything?
    Answer: First off, my perfect day is a cool and sunny one, complete with a refreshing breeze and a well-stocked picnic table. This perfect day would see me outside and in the company of my family, reading children’s books to the little ones and treating them to whatever their hearts desire.
  • What would be your dream 3 course meal?
    This one has me drooling at the possibilities. I’ll go with maple and bourbon glazed chicken wings for the appetizer, short ribs of beef slow-cooked in apple cider for the main course, and red velvet cake for the dessert
  • Let’s spread a little more blog love, who are 5 bloggers you would recommend for me to check out?
    ★Samantha James from The Chronicles of History. She states that “The Chronicles of History is a blog whose mission is to bring unique, interesting, and unknown history from our past,” and she succeeds in creating interesting historical content.
    ★Samantha B. from She The Warrior. Hope. Insight. Wisdom. Warmth. Poetry. Samantha B. invites you to her no-hate, all-peace zone with every post. It’s an invitation I strongly advise everyone to accept.
    ★Brendan Birth from Blind Injustice. This blog is about addressing injustice in all its abhorrent forms, plus he created a coronavirus diary to document life in a pandemic while living here in virus-plagued New York City.
    ★Robin Beattie from Confessions of a Patchwork Momma. Some would call this, “The Adventures of a Biracial Woman and Her Blended Family,” but doing so would fail to reflect the depth of the blog. Every entry is a different topic that Robin unflinchingly addresses from a personal standpoint. Additionally, the blog is the story of a loving family, a woman in a new country, learning new things, and facing life’s challenges together.
    ★Adam from Dad Does Autism. For many, the diagnosis of a child with autism is the official beginning of a life of challenges undreamt of by most families. However, instead of focusing on any negative facets that could accompany life with a family member with autism, Adam, the “Dad” in Dad Does Autism, focuses on life within a strong family that bucks the odds by refusing to be anything other than normal. Does he speak about the challenges they face? Yes, of course, but he does so while offering advice, resources, and most of all, encouragement.
And now it’s time to nominate some wonderful people whose blogs are truly inspiring:
  • Adam from Dad Does Autism. Please see the above for more about Adam. His blog is amazing!
  • Tiffany from Ethereal Empathy. Hers is is one of the most uplifting and thoroughly peaceful reads imaginable.
  • Samantha B. from She The Warrior. Please see the above for more about Samantha B. Her blog deserves much love!
  • Laura Gaston from Broken Devotion. There is nothing broken about this blog. Laura is passionate about her beliefs, and she’s absolutely unafraid to share them. This woman is an advocate for all things spiritual and positive, and I truly wish there were more like her in this world.
  • Not Your Mamí from The Mamí Movement. Women’s rights, civil rights, personal reflections, and life as a single parent and college student. This is the journal of a fighter for a better world.
Finally, it’s time to ask my questions of the above five nominees:
  • What inspired you to create your blog?
  • How does the reality of 2020 compare to the expectations you had just five years ago?
  • In your opinion, what are the top three things the world could use right now?
  • How would you like your life to change in the next ten years?
  • Assuming you could bend the rules of space and time, which historical figure, if any, would you like to talk with over a hearty dinner?

That’s it for this edition of On My Mind Today! Again, my deepest thanks to the Invincible Woman for nominating me for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award, and my heartfelt gratitude to my readers and followers for all the support I’ve received.

Thank you, all!
-Keith V.



    1. First off, thank you for reading and responding. Your reaction is very similar to that offered by many others. What can I say? Music’s never “reached” me. Whether the song is a sad one or a happy one, it’s all the same to me. Full disclosure: I am a lifetime wallflower, I set my car radio to AM talk radio, and I listen to “white noise” when I study. Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme!!! We all have quirks, so I guess this one is mine. Years ago, I put my thoughts to paper regarding the nature of sound and music. That write-up is here: Again, my thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, it is an honor, and I am utterly appreciative of it. My first words upon seeing the nomination were, “Wow! Really? Me?” followed by shouts of joy.


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