A Little Fact and a Lot of Fake

1c4cab01-3bda-4703-8e61-33e54d0336c8-a9db16c6-1e19-42bb-ba4e-178278e71e78-v1The issues of fake news and fact-checking are on my mind today. We are plagued by memes with false information, slanted news, and biased opinions on a daily basis. Instead of leveraging our high intelligence, we surrender to our need for affirmation and our desire to group with others under the umbrella of common belief even if the unifying belief is incorrect. Actual statements and events are increasingly presented in ways designed to appease or incense citizens from one end of the political spectrum to the other, yet beneath it all, buried under mountains of partisan manure, is truth.

The above is my justification for this article. This is a test, a dare, a challenge. It is truth wrapped in lies and twisted by slanted opinion. Your task, dear reader, is to tell me what is true, what is slant, and what is false within the following text. Use this to further refine your skills in separating truth from fiction and divining fact from opinion. In a nod to the classic Star Trek episode “I, Mudd,” I now declare that all you will read in this article from this point forward will be a lie, and that’s the truth.

To begin, I have proof that my own New York City and the hinterland known as Long Island do not—I repeat: do not—share any part of the same landmass. I realize that statement is in stark contradiction to existing maps, charts, and the popular misconception that Long Island holds parts of New York City. Regardless, my declaration is true, and I can prove both the truth of my words and the reason this situation exists.

Below is a typical map of the New York City area, with counties on Long Island noted by four red dots.


What’s wrong with the above map? Everything! It shows no waterway between New York’s Queens County and the empty wastes of Nassau County. The only dividers shown are a few bodies of water and county borders, but the separation of Queens from Nassau and the rest of Long Island is not shown.

In reality, Queens is on an island known to New York City residents as City Island, while Brooklyn is on another island called Coney Island. Additionally, Nassau and Suffolk counties are on yet another island called Hart Island, a place also known as America’s largest potter’s field. Decades ago, New York City chose to bury its anonymous dead on Hart Island as the former prison camp, hospital, homeless shelter, and military installation was abandoned and utterly bereft of any human presence.

two cargo ships sailing near city

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

The image above shows much of the content that’s missing from the map. The winding stretches of the Nissequogue River (pronunciation here) separate the primordial wastes of Nassau County and the rest of Long Island from the elaborate cityscape of Queens and the rest of New York City (as seen in the background). Of the sites I researched, Only the Forgotten New York website denoted the separation between Queens and Nassau as it mentions the start of the Nissequogue River where it is called the Head of Bay.

The Forgotten New York site states the following: “Pressing further down Rockaway Boulevard you come to an inlet known as the Head of Bay. It forms the border between Queens and Nassau countiesAcross this inlet is Nassau County.” Additionally, it clearly states that a total of three bridges connect Queens and Nassau, with one of the three existing solely as a footbridge.

As for why the above facts exist, many identify an ongoing Federal effort to spread confusion and deter travelers from jeopardizing the secrecy of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center that sits just off Long Island’s eastern shore. The secretive animal disease center performs experiments on animals, possibly creating mutated creatures as a result. Not surprisingly, the carcass of a deformed creaturealleged by Government scientists to be a raccoonwashed ashore nearby Long Island even as the center announced plans to expand its operations. The dead beast was later named the Montauk Monster for good reason.

The Montauk Monster

And now for the final link: The events concerning the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and the Montauk Monster happened in 2008, the same year America elected Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States. That, my friends, is not a coincidence. Like many others who recognize the foreign nature of Obama and his administration, I believe this case of Federal deception is closed.

-Keith V.

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